Character progression

D&D is good for my (mental) health…

Being of a certain age and of a particularly introverted persuasion, my social circle is so small it more closely resembles a social dot.

Most of my friends have either moved away or had kids, or both. At work, I just about manage to shoehorn my square-shaped self into a constricting round hole, but not without a degree of discomfort.

I don’t like typical ‘guy’ things, like sport or cars or spending time down the pub; I have a negative proficiency and disadvantage when it comes to making Small Talk; my introversion can give me an aloof or detached way with people: in short, making new friends and acquaintances can be quite a challenge.

In fact, I was — until very recently — at risk of sitting at home most evenings watching episodes of Dice, Camera, Action…

Then I took a plunge. I made a decision. I bought the books. I found an online forum (the wonderful ORCEdinburgh) where people posted looking for games. I put out one of my own. Five people responded.

The anxiety I felt just before the first session was familiar, the voice of my inner critic almost deafening. I almost (almost) bottled it.

I am so glad I didn’t.

The past few weeks have been so creatively and personally fulfilling, the only niggle I have is a wish I’d done it years ago. And knowing that these five strangers I was about to spend a few hours with shared a common love of gaming, fantasy and creativity made those first few moments so much easier, so much so that the session we now share is one of the highlights of my week.

The video below from the god-like DM genius that is Chris Perkins sums up my feelings perfectly — and also gives me great encouragement to carry on, and to expand — both from a gaming perspective, and also a personal one.

And yes, that’s all down to a nerdy game of make-believe with funny-shaped dice.

I certainly don’t have a problem with that…